Wednesday 6 March 2013

So much work, so much love

Life. After. is going great! Just under a month to go and we're working hard. There is still so much work to do but we're definitely getting there. I am so excited and nervous and freaking out but also feeling incredibly supported but all the awesome people working on the play, our venue, family and friends, and all our sponsors who actually are willing to give their hard-earned moneys just so we can put on a show. It's been a pretty awesome start to the year and I am feeling most of all grateful.
And would you just look at those GORGEOUS, totally spot on posters Adam Cansino designed for us!

Tomorrow, we're performing some of what we have worked on so far for our team of designers. We hope we will inspire as much as Adam's posters have and can't wait to see what our guys will come up with in terms of sound, light and set.

Just under a month to go... What a ride!

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