Sunday 10 March 2013

Meet The Team - Alan Curreri

I first met Al Curreri when we worked on a show together towards the end of last year. I was the front of house person and Al had designed a wonderful set on an absolute shoestring budget - the perfect fit for Life. After.

Set Designer - Alan Curreri
Alan Curreri is a set designer, sculptor and scenic painter, originally from Dunedin. Alan lived and worked in San Francisco for many years and his work there included designing sets for many local theatres producing new, experimental and avant-garde works. Alan has also done a considerable amount of work in movies as a scenic painter, was a model and props builder, worked in print advertising, television commercials and in the trade show business. Since his return to New Zealand in 2011 he has worked for Weta Workshop’s paint department and designed sets for Wellington theatre productions.

Thank you for setting us up, Al! 

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