Monday 18 February 2013

Meet The Team - Charlotte Elizabeth Larsen

Life. After. is being produced by Pembury Productions. Pembury is where Charlotte went to school and Charlotte is our producer. She also happens to be very lovely and clever, and the first person to take a chance on my play.
Producer - Charlotte Elizabeth Larsen
Charlotte is an actor/producer. She is Wellington born, UK bred, has a BA in Film and Theatre from Victoria University, Wellington, and has trained at Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Los Angeles. 
Charlotte has produced films (most recently Great Expectations starring Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham-Carter and the upcoming Lost Angels), theatre (A Stye of The Eye, The Elephant Man) and Wellington's very own wickedly-entertaining web-based chat show FixTV. She resides in Los Angeles and Wellington. 
Charlotte loves Anita's play and really loves seeing new talent grow - it's a perfect combination!
Thank you, Charlotte for believing in me and for working your magic!

Thursday 7 February 2013

Meet The Team - Uther Dean

Life. After. has a whole bunch of very awesome people on board and multi-talented, too! Like Uther Dean who I first met in 2008 when he was a clown and I was a queen. 
Lighting Design and Operation - Uther Dean
Uther Dean does lots of things like light shows, direct shows, and occasional dips into journalism but more often than not when someone is paying him to do something it's writing. He has a Masters in Screenwriting from the prestigious International Institute of Modern Letters. In 2011, he led Salient magazine to a Best Publication award win at the Aotearoa Student Press Association Awards. He's also one of the founders of acclaimed theatre company my accomplice. He tweets as @utherlives and thinks you look lovely today.

Uther's involved with Life. After. because he believes that nothing is more vital to the growth of theatre in New Zealand than the cultivation and support of exciting new playwrights. Anita is one of those exciting playwrights and Uther couldn't be more rapt to be involved in guiding this fresh new slice of work to the stage.
Uther actually said that. I swear. Just look at my face, I am blushing!

Thank you for coming on board, Uther and for your lovely words. You light my world!