Sunday 11 September 2011

Quickpost 6

10-11 September

Again, over the weekend my actual actor exercises had to take a back seat. I have done a lot of reading though; some more of Bonnie Gillespie's  Self-Management for Actors and I've discovered, thanks to my actor friend Richard Whiteside, the amazing Larry Moss' The Intent to Live.

Watch this if you don't believe the amazing bit:

You know how some teachers and some methods speak to you? It has been like this for me with Meisner. I just like, I get it. It's the same with what Larry Moss teaches. Only that I feel even stronger about his ideas. He draws from the Meisner technique but also adds other elements like the strong text analysis teachers like Stella Adler emphasised. I'm really excited to delve into the exercises in Moss' book!

The main reason I haven't been able to be diligent with my acting exercises this week is that I worked very hard to get a workshop for the NZ Actors' Guild off the ground. I am very pleased to announce that we will hold a Branding for Actors Workshop in early October taught by the ever awesome Peter Feeney!

It was my first time organising an event like this and I really hope it's a success. The lovely actress/publicist Brianne Kerr is doing the publicity for the workshop, so with that and the fact that the workshop is going to ROCK, I have no doubt that places will sell like hot cakes!

I also have my first meeting about another very cool event presented by the NZAG first thing tomorrow. Back to the acting regiment right after!

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