Monday 12 September 2011

Acting class with Micheal Caine

I love Youtube. Where else you watch an acting workshop with Michael Cane from 1987?

Here are some of Michael Caine's wisdoms on movie acting from that workshop:

“Once you’re in front of that camera NOBODY exists, nobody except the other person in the scene. And what we do, we actors who are in the movie, we hang onto each other’s eyes. That’s the most important thing in film. Eyes. Eyes.“

On relaxing in front of the camera: “You know that you have no enemies. Everybody is on your side.”

“The camera is like a belt or a net behind you. And someone saying, someone standing behind you and saying, ‘Look, you can relax, it’s okay. You don’t have to push it…’ . Just relax and let it come out.”

“If you’re going to do action and movement, plan it absolutely perfectly, so you do it exactly the same over and over again. You can change your performance but you cannot change the action. Otherwise the close-up, the medium shot and the master shot do not match.”

“You cannot bluff [the camera]… you need to do nothing but you must feel, you must look and you must listen because she will see everything you do. She’ll pick it up and you don’t have to throw it to her. And she will love you even though you ignore her for the rest of your life.”

“In movies the camera is always your best friend.”

“You see, everybody is there to get the greatest performance from you that you’ve ever given. Everyone will help. The electrician up there, he will go scrambling along there and get that light absolutely right, so that there is glint in your eye. Everything is done for you, to help you do it right because it’s bloody difficult and everyone knows it.”

Wanna watch the workshop? No problem:

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