Tuesday 6 September 2011

Cold reading DIY

My god this is f***ing hard!

Here I was, sitting at my desk with a pile of sides thinking, 'How hard can it be, really? It just reading lines, saying the words!'

So, I chose a random scene, read over it a couple of times and off I went into the crappy little camera built into my otherwise trusty computer. And I'm telling you, reading sides with no one reading with you sucks even more than reading them with a crap reader! Especially, when you're doing the whole cold reading thing and have to read not only your own lines but the other character's lines as well.

Totally threw me. So, it is probably the perfect way to teach myself the art of cold reading. It means that I really really really have to focus. It means that I have to decide on and commit to relationships and intentions and all that juicy stuff way faster than I normally would, which incidentally means that there's less chance of me second-guessing myself.

But man, this first cold reading DIY session was hard! One nice thing to see though was that through all the confusion of this first attempt I lost less of my GenAm during the scene than I would have thought. Practice might have not yet made me perfect but I sure have improved a lot. The other good thing about this first session is that the only way form here on out is up! And that's exactly where I want to go. It's a win win situation, really.

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