Wednesday, 6 April 2011

First audition of the year! UPDATED

I have an audition for a webseries later today. It's my first audition this year and I am really excited! Plus if I get the part, I will be playing a god. That's right.

It'll be really nice for a change to be all powerful and actually have control over my, well her, life ^_^


I think I nailed it! The director/producer was very happy with the first take, saying that he loved my take on the character and that it was different to what the other actresses before me had done (Strike!). He gave me redirection for a second take and said that he was happy with both takes. I offered to give him another interpretation and he liked that one as well.

I am terrible at judging how well auditions go, maybe you're not meant to be good at that anyway. It's all about doing your job and then letting go. That said, I'm very happy with what I did and I think that's all I can ask for - beside getting cast that is...

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