Monday 14 June 2010

In progress *updated*

Just a quick update. I am still working on the next Herstory post. It is going very slowly, sentence by sentence almost. It is Meisner time again tonight, too. First class with scripted scenes. I'm off book, we have blocked our scene in rehearsal and are so so excited to see what will happen tonight. I'm shooting a short film on Saturday and am still busy learning the lines. And maybe there will be a paid job for me tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

Update on the update: I got the job and shot my very first ever TVC on Wednesday! Not much acting required but my hands (next to the product) are the star of the ad... Everything was done within an hour and the client was so happy that he asked me to do this shoots on a regular basis, once or twice a month and a couple of times a year half to full day productions with some actual TVC acting. This gig won't make me rich but it is paid, it's regular and it's is something new for my CV. Lets see how that works out. I am very excited but can't quite believe my luck yet!

The rest of the week was spend trying my hardest to make teething less painful, awful and disturbing for my son. He's getting a set of giant molars. They are evil. Poor little guy. Dad is on duty tomorrow while I'm shooting that short film. Sunday may be the day for some Herstory?!

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