Wednesday 10 March 2010

Things to consider 5

One last thing to consider that I want to talk about is to

'Disconnect the vulnerability button.'

People say stupid things. Sometimes they say things that aren't stupid at all but that make you feel like shit nonetheless. If you want to stay sane and healthy in the acting business you need to stop reading anything into everything that is being said, especially by those people who are trying hard to get you jobs, your agent and casting directos.

People tend to make off-hand comments, good or bad, that they don't really mean. So don't loose your head when you hear something negative and don't build something good up until it is confirmed. The last thing you need as an actor are all those meaningless negative things to eat away at you and the disappointment after finding out that a 'Well done!' didn't mean you got the job.

Disconnecting yourself from other people's opinions in this way is probably easier said than done but if you keep reminding yourself about all the meaningless off-hand comments you make yourself, you'll see that it just doesn't pay to get your panties in a wad.

So long and until next time!

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