Saturday 27 March 2010

Acting and motherhood

I'm back from my more or less involuntary blogging break. I've had time to think quite a bit about being a mum and an actress. Since my son was born life has become much more unpredictable than it was before and all this new responsibility does make my head spin sometimes. Motherhood does require me to be extremely organised so I can raise a child, make a living, get training, audition for acting jobs, and make it possible to be available for gigs.

On the other hand, my life is so much more exciting and I am living it with much more passion.

Another great thing about being a mum is that I know now not to take myself too seriously as a person and as an actor. After all, there is someone now who is much more important than anything and anyone else.

So, while the prospect of auditioning is still very exciting and of course still requires the proper preparation and hard work in the moment, it just doesn't seem so scary any more. It's a job interview, and the overwhelming majority of times it is nothing to be taking personally.  Afterwards, whether I do well or not, I get to go home to a happy little boy who loves me, regardless. -  I also get my fair share of washing his nappies, cleaning the chaos in the kitchen, doing the washing and cooking and most of the getting up at night. All of it should help me take my mind off a bad audition and ground me when I feel I did really well.

We'll see how this new attitude will work out for me but for now I just feel really good about being a mum who is also actor, and an actor who is also a mum.

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