Thursday 18 February 2010


I don't know if I believe in fate but what happened to me yesterday was pretty neat.

A few days ago I was doing some internet research. Unrelated to my search I stumbled across a theatre review from a couple of years ago that sounded intriguing. So, the next day I went to the Library to take out the play. The only copy should have been sitting on the shelf but instead was nowhere to be found.

Yesterday I was running some errands which also took me to Playmarket, your number one stop, dear budding actors, directors and producers, to find and acquire the performing rights for many many New Zealand plays. While there I remembered the lost play and asked if it was available there for reading. The woman I spoke to turned around and pointed behind herself saying that there was the very author of that play. Next thing I know I'm on my way again carrying my very own brand spanking new copy! It was her pleasure, she said.

Will this be the play I find one of my monologues in? I will keep you posted.

Thank you Jean Betts!

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