Monday 30 June 2014

7 things I’ve found out my first month in New Zealand

1. New Zealanders are definitely the most friendly individuals in the entire world
Before I got myself a one-way flight to Auckland, I had heard mysterious rumors of the friendliness of the kiwi folks. And over the years when I had been backpacking around the world, I often met individuals from Nz, and I was struck by how kind they were. With that being said, I was not ready for just how warm and friendly as well as sweet Everybody is in New Zealand.
And I mean EVERYONE! Not really exaggerating.

From the shopkeepers to the bartenders to the typical person going for walks down the road, if there is one thing you are able to depend on in New Zealand is just how lovely and friendly everyone is.Going abroad is scary. Going abroad to an alternative country without knowing a single person is completely scary. Nonetheless, selecting a place with seriously warm and friendly men and women has made a huge difference.
If I don’t leave Nz in a year a completely transformed individual, I don’t even know myself.

2. Just what Kiwi truly means
Kiwi is the title of people from New Zealand in addition to New Zealand’s flightless bird. Kiwis as we know them in the united states are known as kiwi fruit. This is an important difference, as I’m sure you can imagine, especially if kiwis are your favorite fruit.

3. Driving a car on the left is exciting, up until you arrive at a roundabout, after that it’s terrifying
If I perish in a road accident whilst residing in New Zealand, there is a 80% possibility that this occurred in a roundabout. While in general I do think there's a more sensible way of directing traffic, it doesn’t make going through them in the wrong direction less terrifying. I pretty much scream each and every time I go through one here, particularly the ones with double lanes.

4. The greater number of sheep than folks rumor is not incorrect
So the rumor there are more sheep when compared with individuals in Nz is not exactly incorrect, as I quickly discovered. Following leaving sprawling urban Auckland, the overall scarcity of people took me by surprise. Driving down to Wellington, I would drive for a long time and quite often not see other cars.When you are not in the cities in Wellington, you quickly realize that there are just not lots of people about. New Zealand really is the end of the world. And yes, there are a lot of sheep. Almost everywhere.The good news is that spring is here now, all the lambs have been born which suggests adorable, fluffy, baby sheep Almost everywhere!

5. New Zealand is costly, but not as expensive as AustraliaWhen I was packing for New Zealand, I made an executive decision to leave my hiking boots at home. I was thinking because New Zealand is certainly an outdoorsy location, I can pick-up a nice set when I got here. My old ones had to be thrown and I didn’t need to waste the luggage space.Such a foolish judgement, I went to go buy hiking boots in Wellington, and the set I wanted was 450 NZD - that’s approximately 375 USD which is around twice as much as back home.

Because the relationship is virtually shipped in to New Zealand, things are costly. For example, I normally drop around $80 on my once a week groceries.But then I went to Australia and realized NZ was low cost in comparison.

6. Rent is each week not every month
Completely random but for those curious-minded people, apartments are generally listed with rent costs a week not necessarily every month. It’s a baffling but interesting phenomenon which somehow makes the elevated living costs a lot more palatable.
And speaking of apartments, they can be referred to as flats similar to the UK and the deposit is known as a bond. Speaking English is difficult.
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7. Getting the bill within a restaurantThe 1st time I went out for a meal at a sit-down restaurant in Nz, I had been surprised by a number of things. To begin with, your meals are remarkable. Seriously, there are some damn great restaurants found in this part of the world. And don’t even get me started on brunch.However, at the end of the mealtime I'd been baffled. When were they going to provide the bill? We all sat and anxiously waited and waited and waited prior to getting the attention of an individual to bring the check. Immediately they outlined that you simply pay at the register not at the table. Soon I figured out this was common around New Zealand.

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