Thursday 1 March 2012

Knowing Take 2

 My agency has a new online presence. The cool thing about that is that now I can see what I am being submitted for. And holy crapness, I am being put forward to more things than I would ever have thought AND for really juicy, awesome roles on exciting productions.
This means that my agent believes in me! Let me repeat this: My agent believes in me!
There is nothing better than knowing that in this crazy business you have people on your side and believing in you. People, who are not obliged to do so because they love you because let's face friends and family, they are biased...
To have your family and friends on your side, believing in you and supporting you is of course invaluable! Without them and their support, a life as an artist would be rough at best. I am eternally grateful for their support and enthusiasm for my career and life choices.
Professionally though, to know that the people who's job it is to get you work, believe in you is, well, absolutely vital. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you should be your own cheerleader and your own approval should be enough. Go away, self-help books!

Of course you need people in the industry to believe in you! As your first port of call, your agent needs to be the first one to be a believer. Your agent is the one shouting 'Give this woman/man a job!' If that sentence isn't followed by a 'Because she/he is awesome!' good luck to you.
I feel like I have a lot to prove to my agent still and frankly can't quite believe that they should shout 'She is awesome!' about me. (I'm working on it, ok!?) But looking at their submissions for me certainly makes it clear that they believe in me. Booking the first job I had an audition for through the agency might have helped quite a bit. And yes, I am really happy and proud that I booked that job!
So, here is to the people who believe in you and cheer for you whether they are biased because they love you or not. And here is to you, the fact that you are doing what you love to do, to your successes, big and small, and to believing that you are worthy of every single cheerleader you have and the many more to join your squad.

You know what the other great thing about the new online system is? Seeing all the productions I am being submitted to makes me see possibilities that I wouldn't have seen before.  Now, I could sit in front of my computer screen and fret about whether or not I will get an audition for any of these productions. Counter-productive, if you ask me.
Nah, instead of making me sweat, I have decided that knowing is just going to help me dream big. I will stay on top of things, increasing the likelihood of getting auditions by keeping my headshots up to date and professional, getting as much acting training as possible, building other skills that are handy for actors to have, by finding unpaid work myself and all those other little things you can do to grow. 
While I am waiting to actually get auditions on big(ger) productions, knowing about being submitted to them will be part of my fuel to push ahead. So, tonight, I will dream about that recurring role on that awesome TV show and the juicy supporting part on that feature film. Best bit? My dream is rooted in a tiny bit of reality and the reality bit will grow and grow like my dreams will.

So, here is to dreaming and dreaming big and to the small glimpses of reality that make us all hope for bigger things, make us strive and grow and work hard every day!

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