Sunday 26 February 2012

Auditions, reading and new headshots

 I have plans this year. Big plans. Well, I think they're big - short term big. The long term goals are bigger, much bigger.

Since I have only started out as an actress at the end of 2008, had a baby soon after, and only really got cracking in 2010, I am still at the very beginning of my acting journey. So, given that and the fact that I live in Wellington were work is scarce in the first place, it's probably not surprising that I have nowhere near enough material for a reel.

I have already worked on a short film this year but I have yet to find out whether I can use any of for a reel. I also had an audition for another short film. I didn't book but the feedback during and after the audition was wonderful. Who doesn't like to hear that they did a 'fantastic audition'?

Since 2010, I've had two speaking parts of any significant length. One of them was in a short film and frankly, I am so much better now than I was when I shot it, so I don't want to use it. The second was for the industrial that I shot at the end of last year. I'm waiting back to hear whether it's possible for me to get a copy, since the thing was semi-public anyway. Fingers crossed because it would at least be a start.

Since the whole reel thing is a bit out of my hands at the moment, I'm going to have to concentrate on things that I can actually achieve by myself. Yes, I know, I could easily write and film a scene with some friends, even something of very good quality but I'm a bit apprehensive about this idea. So, I am going to start with a voice reel.

My wonderful partner is among many other things a soundie and is going to help me with the technical side of things. The plan is to do three short recordings of my natural accent/a very German accent, my General American accent and one of me speaking German and maybe French. One of the recordings (probably the GenAm one) is going to be in the style of a audiobook reading because how fun would that be to do as a job, right? Reading out loud for a living, are you kidding me?! If you have any tips and tricks for or thoughts on the other recordings in terms of length, material etc. I would love to hear them!

Coming back to playing parts of any significant length; apart from theatre, I have yet to book a role where the character has her own journey and character development. And man am I craving such a role! At the moment I only ever get to go on a real journey with my characters in acting class and even then only snippets of their journeys. So, one goal this year is to land a lead role in a film, short or feature or at the very least a significant supporting role. Something to really sink my teeth in. I'll keep you posted.

I have had the absolute pleasure to do some reading for a local production How to Meet Girls from a Distance yesterday. Being a reader was something I have always wanted to do and it was a lot of fun and fantastic experience. I hope I get to be a reader much more often this year. So, if you're casting something in Wellington and need a reader, get in touch!

Finishing my script is obviously on my list as well. I'm a very slow writer in this project but since that doesn't bug me in the slightest and I'm having nothing but fun when I am writing, I don't plan to change that. And since no one is paying me for the job, I don't plan to give myself a deadline either. As long as I am enjoying the experience, there is no rush for me to finish any time soon. Once I have a first draft my ambitions might change but we'll have so wait and see about that.

There is a whole lot of other stuff on my plan for 2012, the most important of which is probably to print the damn thing, so I don't constantly forget what I need/want to do...

Another very important item are new head shots. I have already had them taken but am waiting to get my favourites back from the photographer. I will post them here once I get them. Please let me know what you think! After all, my head shots are my calling card, right, and if you guys don't believe or like what you see, I should probably try again. Just for the record, I am very happy with the photos!

Right, off to the printer and back to business. Happy Oscars Day, everyone!

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