Wednesday 2 February 2011

The year ahead

This week my amazing partner signed his contract for an acting gig which awesome, crazy, glorious, mind-boggling, fantastic doesn't even begin to describe. He is pretty much guaranteed him full time acting work for at least the rest of this year. Which means a years worth of constant acting experience. It means getting all sorts of crazy training that goes with it. It means exposure, networking and have I mentioned acting all day every day? It also means no worrying about the mortgage for a whole year. ONE WHOLE YEAR! We're both over the moon excited...

...and I'm freaking out...

At five maybe six days a week at 12 hours a days, we are not going to see much of each other. I'm effectively going to be a solo mum with three part-time jobs for the whole of 2011 and I'm thinking how the hell am I going to get it all done? Can't really quit being a mum, right, and not that I wanted to anyway ever! Job one - childcare, frees me up for job two - the one that actually pays money, so quitting either is not an option. Job number three - the one that I really really want to be doing and full time, come on ya'll know what I'm talking about - seems to be slipping away.

I'm really hoping that I'm just a bit overwhelmed by the news of impending 'single parenthood' and that it won't be as all-consuming as I imagine it to be.

After all, there are auditions and new classes coming up, submissions to new representation is in the pipeline (update on that soon) and I'm working on my postcard submissions... So, come on 2011, put a few more hours in each day, mh-k?

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