Monday 20 December 2010

New Zealand Actors' Guild Inc - Membership Drive

Now that the NZ Actors' Guild is all official and legal and such, they are starting to welcome their first official members. I just joined and it's all very exciting!

'What's the Guild all about?' I hear you say. Well,

'The NZ Actors Guild is an independent guild set up by New Zealanders to provide advice and advocacy for actors. The NZ Actors Guild seeks to actively involve our members in the decision making process and to empower them as self employed professionals through information and development opportunities.'

You can check out their values here.

There are three membership levels: Full, Associate and Supporting. You can find more info here or email nzactorsguild [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any further questions.

The interim Committee will be working very hard in the next few months to put everything in place that is needed to offer members services that will keep them informed about what's going on in the industry, enable them to grow as artists and as business people, and get them networking with other industry professionals.

The Guild has the potential to be a strong and meaningful voice for NZ actors. And it has the potential to offer great opportunities and services that will give you some more tangible value for your buck. To get the ball rolling the Guild needs your support!

So, to celebrate the Guild's arrival and to build their member base, they are offering an introductory price of $50+gst for 6 months for all levels of membership. Great value at a bargain price, and right in time for Christmas!

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