Thursday 16 September 2010

The letter

As I was walking to the mailbox this morning, I knew that there would be a letter and I knew what it was going to say. Maybe it was the storm that is raging across New Zealand that was the omen I had waited for. Let me tell you, last nights weather was extremely foreboding.

So, you guessed it 'Unfortunately, on this occasion, your audition was not successfull.'

I don't really know how I feel about this. Except that I am feeling a little bit sick and there's a big lump in my throat. I guess, I am disappointed. I really would have loved to do the weekend workshop. All the things I could have learned! I guess, this annoys me more than anything else because as I have said before, under my current circumstances I would not be able to accept a place at the school next year anyway. The workshop would have been the only thing I could have done at Toi. Darn.

All of this doesn't mean that I can't be or that I am not an actress. I just have to work harder and find other ways to get the training that I want. These news actually make me want to work harder, not to prove them wrong but to prove to myself that I am worthy of what I am. I am an actress.

In the meantime, congratulations to all of you who got into the weekend workshop. Well done! I'm wishing you all white light, good luck and an amazing time!

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