Thursday 9 September 2010


The audition circuit in Wellington is very slow at the moment. This doesn't exactly help if you want to put a reel together. So, I have enlisted the help of my friend Sarah and we've been preparing to shoot our own short scene.

It's a serio-comedic snippet from 'The Mamet Women' by Frederick Stroppel. It is a lot of fun to play! We've been walking around Miramar today, running lines and improving ourselves through the scene, soy mocha in hand, and enjoying the beautiful spring sun. It's going to be a two-women production without any fancy camera work, dependent on natural light and will be filmed in my kitchen. We did a quick test to see how to set up the shot and it's looking pretty good for two amateurs at work. We need to do a bit of tweaking and a bit of luck with the weather but we're set to give it a go on Sunday afternoon. Fun times ahead!

So, don't bemoan the lack of auditions you're getting but get together with a mate or two, borrow a camera from someone and get cracking acting! That is what you love to do, right? Even if you end up not using the material for anything, who cares?! You get some experience and get to play with your friends. What could be more fun?!

Here's some more inspiring stuff. Check out Jack Plotnick's fantastic e-book New Thoughts for Actors here. His techniques take the 'putting on an Act' out of acting and put the spontaneity and fun back in.

So, DIY and have fun playing everyone!

P.S.: Thank you so much Caitlin for putting me onto the New Thoughts here! Check out Caitlin's blog Caitlin Acts. She has just embarked on a new adventure, moving to LA and starting her professional acting career with an internship with great casting agent. Good luck Caitlin!

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