Tuesday 25 May 2010


Last night I was talking to my teacher about the auditions that I had done lately and how I had not heard back from anyone. We both agreed that getting auditions in itself is a success already but I couldn't help but feel a little weird about not even getting a message saying I didn't make the cut.When auditioning for paid jobs this is the norm. You will most likely only get a call if someone wants you for at least a callback. But since most of my recent auditions were for unpaid work, I expected it to be different. So, I was a little surprised that no one had gotten back to me with any news.

I guess you gotta get over things like that fairly quickly. Maybe that's part of letting go of an audition after you've done it. Whether you feel you did well or not, you can't carry an audition around with you or it will drive you nuts. You don't want all these nagging little questions popping up in your head. Should I have done this? Could I have been better? Or: What could possibly be a reason for them not to pick me?! If you are expecting to hear back (with any news) it doesn't help the letting go process.

So, I've decided I'm going to not worry about hearing back from people any more. When I do hear back (hopefully with positive news) I'll be happy if not I won't worry about it.

And what can I say, just as I had made my resolution, I got home to two messages waiting for me! Both short films, both positive. I'm a lucky girl!

Keep your fingers crossed that both films actually get made. I'll keep you posted!

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